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Cambridge IGCSE Information and Communication
Technology Syllabus code 0417
Why choose Cambridge IGCSE Information and Communication Technology?

Cambridge IGCSE is internationally recognised by schools, universities and employers as equivalent to UK
GCSE. The IGCSE Information and Communication Technology syllabus encourages students to develop
lifelong skills including:
• the ability to understand and implement new and emerging technologies within a business environment
• how to analyse, design, implement, test and evaluate Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
• considering the impact which new technologies will have on ways of working and the social, economic
and ethical issues associated with them
• awareness of the ways ICT can help in practical and work-related scenarios.


ITGS EXTENDED ESSAY: EXTENDE ESSAY_IBDP_ITGS: "EE Topics ITGS extended essay provides an opportunity for candidates to investigate ethical and social issues in a wide range of context..."


EE Topics

ITGS extended essay provides an opportunity for candidates to investigate ethical and social issues in a wide range of context including

  • music or video piracy,
  • cyber-terrorism,
  • computer games,
  • ecommerce,
  • robotics,
  • IT solutions for physically handicapped persons,
  • identity fraud,
  • digitally altered images,
  • online gambling, and
  • unauthorized access.

Successful extended essays began with a well stated research question where the issue is placed in the specific context of a business or organization, location, or other well defined scope of investigation.

The following examples of titles for ITGS extended essays are intended as guidance only. The pairings illustrate that focused topics (indicated by the first title) should be encouraged rather than broad topics (indicated by the second title).
· “An investigation into the ways in which IT can assist patients with motor-nerve damage” is better than “IT and physical disabilities”.
· “Flight simulators as a means of training pilots to deal with wake turbulence” is better than “Virtual reality systems”.
· “Measures that can be taken to protect the transmission of banking information” is better than “Hacking”.
· “How the layering of network protocols has contributed to the rapid development of music downloads” is better than “Music and the Internet”.
· “Issues in developing natural language interfaces” is better than “The uses of robots”.
· “How Open Source software has led to improved corporate networking” is better than “Modern operating systems”.

Few more topics:
  "An experimental study to determine if vitamin C levels decrease in lime juice under simulated supermarket and street vendor conditions“ is better than "Vitamin C levels in lime juice"
  "the reality of imaginary numbers- What are they, do they really exist, where and how did they originate and why do we need them?" is better than  "Imaginary Numbers"
  "Will unification be achieved as a result of the process and efforts being made between the two Koreas" is better than "North and South Korea"
  The above three examples will definitely help you as in how to chose a topic and then reforming it into a good research topic.

·         Software Piracy in the Asia-Pacific
·         Impact of Wikipedia on the learner society
·         Software Piracy in the Asia-Pacific
·         concept of youtube towards teenagers - to what extent this concept has changed teeangers behavior
·         Impacts of 3g network Positive or negative
·         Impact of GOOGLE on its consumers privacy


Topic                                       The future of natural language interfaces
Research question          To what extent is it likely that natural language interfaces will replace the keyboard in the production of office documents?
Approach                   Primary data is collected through interviews with university lecturers and
researchers working in the field of natural language interfaces (qualitative research). The algorithms used, difficulties faced and progress to date
are discussed. Questionnaires are e-mailed to office managers to determine to what extent there is a need for natural language data input and whether this could improve productivity. Public domain examples of natural language software are downloaded and its effectiveness assessed. Secondary research is collected by accessing Internet-based reports from universities working in the field.

Topic                                       The effectiveness of e-learning as an enhancement to conventional teaching
Research question          Does the addition of e-learning systems improve the performance of students in mathematics?
Approach                   An Internet survey of e-learning systems, highlighting methodologies used by different systems. Quantitative comparisons are made of examination results before and after its adoption from schools that have adopted e-learning methods. Teacher and student opinions are surveyed by issuing questionnaires to teachers who have adopted e-learning and those who have rejected it. Secondary research is carried out by surveying teacher discussion boards.

Topic                                       The impact of Open Source software
Research question          Has the wide availability of Open Source software resulted in improved security for networks?
Approach                   Primary research is carried out by means of circulating questionnaires to network managers. Network managers who make use of Open Source are interviewed. Questionnaires are e-mailed to web site developers. A study is made of an example of an Open Source e-business system. Secondary research is carried out by looking at recent articles in IT trade magazines and surveying “help” web sites for network managers.

Digitally altered images!!!  - A concern for the society??
Improvement in digital world !!!  - A concern for the society??


Research question :  How far are electronic devices tampering our health and disabling a few?

Approach:            the preliminary research is carried out by questionnaires handed out to established firms which have experienced their employers suffer from health issues due to excess of usage of electronic devices.  People who have suffered from these issues are interviewed and their respected managers and colleagues. A study of what wrong the public is doing in today’s world on how to use a radiation-emitting device. A research is done on how far can we prevent it from happening and helping that are in need today. Consulting seniors who have/are studying in the field of Computers or any other electronic device and the human body.

^^Shubh Chabra

 Research question:- Impact of facebook’s privacy on their clients. 

Approach: The research will be carried out by getting familiar with facebook’s privacy (which is available by the facebook itself).